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Siam, a former RAF pilot, is a Professional Trader, Business owner, Public Speaker and Educator. 


The Realistic Trader

Who is Siam Kidd?

Meet the man behind the Metamask!

Siam has accurately called many moves which have made his community profits, but his Personal Best to date is the 2015 Black Monday crash where he managed to make over £422k in 30 mins.

In more recent times, Siam accurately called the January 2018 Bitcoin crash where he sold all of his Cryptos and then jumped back in the market at the lows thereby accumulating a far better position. And also side-stepped the recent 2022 crash.

Siam is a regular Keynote Speaker and was the star presenter at the US Money Show Las Vegas Event.

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– During the half day with Siam, he will take you for a plane or helicopter flight to a coffee shop and back.

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Introducing The Realistic Trader

The Realistic Trader is a friendly community of hundreds of positive like-minded individuals who Learn, Trade, Socialise and Grow! 

Crypto Focused

The Realistic Trader community used to be primarily a Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading community, however as the markets have evolved so has our community and we now focus on the Cryptocurrency markets.

Friendly, like-minded Community

We have an amazing community, guided by Siam and our knowledgeable Mentors. With at least 2 live sessions each week, there are always opportunities to ask any questions you may have.

60+ Hours of Video Courses

Our Community Portal is jam packed with content with tools and videos to teach you everything you need to know about how to trade the markets safely.

The Wealth Action Plan

a.k.a the WAP

The WAP is like a ‘Netflix’ for Business, Money, Investing, Life & Being Awesome! Whether you have a business idea ready to roll or have no idea, don’t worry, we’ve got you. You don’t need a Business Degree, you just need the WAP!


Active Community

A fantastic group of people working towards the same goal, financial freedom!

100+ Hours of Video Content

Hundreds of Videos split over 30 categories to teach you what you need to know.

Private Discord Server

A members-only Discord server where you can ask any questions directly to Siam and the community.

Helpful Business Tools

Spreadsheets, checklists and more to help you start your own business and learn from the experience of others.

"A great service and community to learn more about trading! I'm very happy I decided to join and haven't regretted it! Highly recommended if you want to know more about the financial markets and how to trade"
Daniel Thans

Bi-monthly Member Only Events

The Realistic Trader Community has bi-monthly meetups where our members can learn, socialise and grow together! 

Learn to Trade, Today!

Siam has put together some awesome free videos where you can learn the basics of trading right now! If you decide Trading is for you, The Realistic Trader will be here to help guide you through your journey!